Fascia article

a hidden maintaining factor. Fascia tissue surrounds and envelops every structure in the body. Every muscle, organ, bone, nerve and blood vessel is covered by a thin film of fascia. Fascial ‘pulls’ within the body can often also identify the underlying source of a patient’s conditions, sometimes revealing some as yet unrecognised pathology. Cranio-Sacral Therapist…

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Cranio-sacral therapy and the treatment of common childhood conditions

Cranio-sacral therapy is a comprehensive therapy which can be used effectively for the treatment of many conditions at all ages. It is extremely gentle, non-invasive, and causes no discomfort or disturbance to the client; nor does it have any risks or adverse side effects. It is, for this reason, particularly suitable for the treatment of…

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Meningitis, meningism and subclinical meningitis.

Treatment of the long term after effects with cranio-sacral therapy. So many people feel that they have never fully recovered from some infection — be it a major illness or an apparently insignificant viral infection — and they are left with a lingering sense of unwellness, or sometimes with severely debilitating symptoms. Such symptoms are…

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Birth Trauma

The nature of your birth can be one of the most crucial factors in determining your whole future – whether for better or for worse, whether as a positive influence or a negative influence – not just your babyhood or your childhood, but the very nature of your whole life. On the positive side, a…

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